District Lodge 90 Meeting and Info


The regular meeting of District Lodge 90 is held bi-monthly on the even numbered months of the year on the second Thursday at 7:00 P.M. IAM District Lodge 90 is located at 2346 S Lynhurst Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46241, USA in Suite D 201.

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The Truth Comes Out About TPP


Nearly two weeks ago, the full text and information was revealed to the public about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact. What surprised many of us, even our representatives, was that it was horrendously worse than what we anticipated.

With Fast Track barely getting voted in, the TPP is now riding the rails for 90 days while Congress studies, deliberates, and debates the deal. Even with all this going on with Congress, there can be absolutely no amendments made due to the Fast Track language.

The following video from Democracy Now has Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch talking about how unhealthy food, job loss, wage loss, and a rise in medication costs are knocking on America’s front door.


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Phoenix Airport Fueling Agents Vote IAM Yes


More than 120 fueling agents at Swissport in Phoenix won IAM collective bargaining rights after an election was held this week. Workers, who reached out to the IAM with concerns over substandard wages, unsafe working conditions and job security, are responsible for fueling cargo planes and passenger aircraft at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport.

This is the second time the Phoenix fueling agents have attempted to organize with the IAM. Despite a fierce anti-union campaign on both occasions, the agents voted 91-2 in favor of IAM representation.

“This is a huge victory for workers at Swissport who desperately need the protection of a union contract,” said IAM Organizer Fabian Liendo. “It also shows the IAM keeps its promises. We said we’d come back and we kept our word.”

While the effort was headed up by the IAM’s Headquarters Organizing Department, the Transportation and Western Territories, as well as the IAM Legal Department and Airline District 142, all played a critical role in securing the win.

“This was a prime example of what can be done when we work together across territories and departments,” said IAM Headquarters General Vice President Bob Martinez. “Everyone who participated should be extremely proud of this victory.”

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Buffenbarger Talks Trade, Politics on Labor Radio Show


During his most recent conversation with host Ed Ferenc of America’s Work Force Radio, IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger talked about a wide range of topics including the GOP, the Export-Import Bank, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Hillary Clinton.

Regarding the Republican band of candidates for president, Buffenbarger simply stated, “It’s the movable circus because they take their show all over the country. And it’s not getting any better for them.”

The right wing attacks and de-funding of the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank prompted Buffenbarger to emphasize how the bank actually contributes an estimated 1 billion dollars each year to the U.S. Treasury by funding outside investments to buy American products.

He went on to talk about the most recent announcement by General Electric that it will be shuttering its engine plant in Waukesha, WI due to the bank’s closure, which was championed by new House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI). This is a plant where the IAM represents 350 workers who have lost their jobs.

“Paul Ryan, in his own district, voted to kill the Ex-Im Bank and as a result he lost that plant and he lost those jobs,” said Buffenbarger. “The right-wing Republicans killed the bank that helps American workers.”

On the subject of the TPP, Buffenbarger reinforced the fact that even Republicans will realize how bad the deal is once they read it.

“I think they are afraid that the American people might actually see it and read it and then there will be a firestorm unleashed,” said Buffenbarger. “Anybody who thinks this trade bill is good, you need to read it.”

“Congress would be abdicating the sovereignty of America in the world of trade,” he said. “This is a deal written by banks, written by the largest multinational corporations. It’s not written for small businesses, it’s not written for manufacturers, it’s certainly not written for American workers.

To listen to the entire show, click here.

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Big Dog Contest Raises Thousands


This year, all local lodges in Indiana were challenged to see who could raise the most money for Guide Dogs of America.On Saturday, October 24, many members and representatives from several locals, District 90, and even the Grand Lodge came together for a Guide Dog banquet to recognize everyone who raised money for the charity.

The results of the competition are as follows:

First place with $4,000 was Local 2069


Second place with $3,550 was Local  1315


Third place with $422 was Local 1227


The total money accumulated for Guide Dogs of America was $12,920! Thank you to everyone who participated in making this years contest a memorable one.  The Big Dog Contest has already commenced for next year, let’s see who’s the Bid Dog next October.

Guide Dog Banquet

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TPP: The Free Trade Debacle



The IAM joins labor in bringing the secretly-negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement out from the shadows.

TPP is poised to become the biggest free trade agreement since NAFTA. Like the deeply-flawed NAFTA, TPP promises job growth – but will instead export thousands of U.S. jobs to low-wage countries. The TPP is a step backwards for labor and human rights and threatens health, safety and environmental standards.

An agreement on the TPP was announced in October, 2015. Congress will review the TPP but will not be able to amend it in any way. After review, they must vote to either accept or reject it. Between the announcement of the agreement and the final vote, IAM members are urged to make their voices heard and put pressure on Congress to reject this disastrous trade deal.

Click HERE to contact your representatives.

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Local 2069 Raises over $4k for Guide Dogs


On September 19, 2015, Local 2069 put together a hog roast and disc golf tournament to raise money for Guide Dogs of America. Even though the beginning of that Saturday morning was chilled and a bit damp, several people from around north central Indiana showed up for the event. The disc golf tournament held at Maconaquah Park in Peru, was won by one of our own members, brother Troy Malott and Dave Prather. Both Troy and Dave donated their winnings to the Guide Dogs charity. Dave also won closest to pin, and the other closest to pin winner was Seth Clarson.

The weather broke while golfers were finishing, and the food began to be served to an abundance of people craving some pulled pork and Coney dogs. Several raffles for baked goods and an IAM quilt (hand crafted by sister Tina Collins) commenced as everyone ate a delicious meal.

With the help of the community and IAM Local 2069, the total money donated to Guide Dogs of America was over $4,000 dollars. Thank you to everyone who attended and who donated their time and money to such a wonderful cause. Let’s make it even bigger and better next year!

IAM Guide Dog Hog Roast/Disc Golf

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2016 IAM Scholarship Competition


IAM members and their children are encouraged to apply for the IAM Scholarship before February 26, 2016.

Awards to members are $2,000 per academic year. They are granted for a specific period from one to four years to enable the member to earn a Bachelor’s degree or a two-year vocational/technical certification.

Awards to Children of Members are: College — $1,000 per academic year. All awards are renewed each year until a Bachelor’s degree is obtained up to a maximum of four years. Vocational/Technical School — $2,000 per year until certification is reached up to a maximum of two years.

For more details and applications, please click HERE.

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2015 Spirit of the Midwest “Rides for Guides”


The Midwest Territory is once again preparing to host our 7th annual benefit for Guide Dogs of America (GDA). We will be hosting these events in two different locations within the Midwest Territory.

The 1st event; Classic Auto Show will be held on Sunday, June 28, 2015 with a rain date of July 19, 2015.

On Sunday, June 28th   the Classic Auto Show will be held at District Lodge 9 Machinists Hall, 12365 St. Charles Rock Road, Bridgeton, Missouri and will feature cars and trucks of all types. Spectators and participants alike will be sure to enjoy the pride and craftsmanship on display.  Food and refreshments will also be available to purchase during the Show.

On Saturday, July 25th the Motorcycle Charity Ride will be held at the Brown County Inn located in Nashville, Indiana.  The $35.00 per person entry fee includes lunch and dinner as well as a Ride t-shirt and GDA pin.  Motorcycles of all makes and models are welcome to participate.  Poker hands will be sold for $5.00 per hand or three hands for $10.00 with no limit on the number purchased.  Ride participants must collect a minimum of $50.00 in pledges per bike in order to participate in the Run and be eligible for awards.  The person who collects the highest total dollar amount in pledges will receive a special recognition gift.



If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this event…

Marty St. Peters at 618-477-3555 or Email – mstpeters@iamaw.org

Tim Hough at 219/614-5476 or Email though@iamaw.org

All proceeds will benefit Guide Dogs of America
delivering the gift of freedom for over fifty years

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