Union Advantage

The IAM makes good things happen. The IAM provides dignity and respect and allows you to have a voice at work.

The IAM also helps your community. Wages are better for union workers and this creates a higher standard of living allowing for better schools and public services. Also, unions help narrow the pay gap between races and sexes.

Here are some facts about wages:


Category Non-Union Union Difference
Overall $599 $760 $161
Women $523 $696 $173
African Americans $491 $665 $174
Latinos $419 $632 $213


The same is true for benefits:


Category Non-Union Union Difference
Pensions 14% 69% 55%
Health Benefits 49% 75% 26%
Disability 30% 69% 39%
Life Insurance 51% 82% 31%
Health Benefits Co-Pay 86% 54% 32%


Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Earning

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